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Create a graphic explainer for Cloud VPS, Toolforge, PAWS/Pywikibot, and Quarry
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While updating/consolidating PAWS documentation, I've run into some scattered explanations about these services/products. It would be helpful to create a consolidated table or graphic to help describe and compare the subtleties, differences, and uses of each.

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@srodlund I'd be happy to assist with the PAWS part, which is featured prominently in my JupyterCon presentation.

@Daniel_Mietchen Yes! Here are my initial notes for that doc:

I want to create something that helps guide people toward picking the right service/tool for the task they are working on; we don't seem to have a high level, accessible overview of this right now. Any input would be awesome!

I'm currently working on some PAWS tutorials and a more navigable/comprehensive landing page and docs for PAWS on Wikitech.

You can find the current request for feedback on the PAWS landing page and associated docs here: I'm planning on moving these to the mainspace sometime in the next couple of weeks.

You can find the notebook based tutorial for "Getting started with PAWS" here:

Here is a "Getting started with PAWS/Pywikibot notebook based tutorial that still needs a lot of work here:

Any suggestions for all of these are welcome! These are very basic, general docs, and we may want to explore some docs focused on specific audiences. For instance, we could use more docs for data scientists and researchers, newcomers, folks working on smaller wikis, etc.

I really like the JupyterCon presentation! Would you mind if I share some of your examples here: ?

@srodlund I've seen your post above but have not had the time yet to go through the included links systematically. Of course, feel free to use anything from the JupyterCon presentation.

In the course of preparing that and as part of my ongoing 100DaysOfJupyter, I came across a number of additional questions for which I have not yet found the right channel.
Some examples include issues around

  • how to install Jupyter extensions (I am particularly interested in )
  • how to preconfigure notebooks, e.g. that they upgrade pip upon launch
  • how to increase the memory available to a PAWS-hosted notebook
  • how to run PAWS notebooks on Binder.

I assume I should turn all of these into Phabricator tickets (or add to existing ones), but haven't come around to that either.

@Daniel_Mietchen Wow! This 100Daysofjupyter thread is awesome! I am going to RT some of these from @wikimediatech.

These would likely make good tickets. Let me know if I can help with them.

A brief update on the topics listed above:

Some examples include issues around

There is now for that

  • how to preconfigure notebooks, e.g. that they upgrade pip upon launch

When I first read the term template notebook somewhere in the PAWS documentation, it came with no link or explanation, and I was lost as to what it was required or beneficial for, and how to go about creating/ cloning or using one, or even finding existing ones. By now, I have figured these things out (example template) but am not sure where best to add relevant info to the existing documentation.

  • how to increase the memory available to a PAWS-hosted notebook

see and

  • how to run PAWS notebooks on Binder.

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In my understanding, this was done today as part of T292811: Review Cloud Services landing page and is now available on under the sections "Types of services" and "Which service is right for you?" Boldly resolving.