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Jul 21 2020, 7:56 PM
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From eileen re: silverpop export emails: The silverpop job & the dedupe job running at the same time cause ‘in-the-moment’ integrity issues - where a contact in the process of being deduped has 2 primary emails. I just altered the dedupe schedule to give silverpop a chance to do it’s think - it already had a window but the schedule had been moved to the silverpop job was running before it’s window. We can reduce the window down - I kept it longer today to re-run manually but it only needs about 30mins of no deduping

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I've focused this sprint on failmail and alerts.

Today, I created these tasks:,,

I did find that vagrant needs a drush upgrade and haven't done that yet. Here's the task:

I didn't do as much log checking as I'd like.

In taking this on, I'm definitely feeling failmail fatigue. I'm glad we'll be turning off the duplicate ct_id failmail but I wonder what else we can do before the big emails start.

Moved to done since it's the end of the sprint - I poked around & opened the one above

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Created causing a couple of fail mails when the audit tries to import them

Cstone added a subscriber: Cstone.
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Moving to done since it's almost the end of the sprint.

I did a couple chore-like things this sprint

  • trawled the error logs and found unsubscribes that needed requeueing, sent those back up
  • re-queued deadlocked stuff from the damaged message table
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