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Content template using EasyTimeline not working properly in the app
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Feedback via email:

First, a bug report: was on the timeline of ancient history page, and was unable to open links in the main timeline on that page. The links were blue, and tapping/holding them made them get highlighted with a faint box, but nothing happened. Would probably apply to similar page features on other pages.

Event Timeline

Dbrant subscribed.

Looks like our pcs code doesn't handle clicking on <AREA> links.

We are now venturing into the territory of needing to encourage our Community to modernize its own tools, and to move away from using super outdated ways of presenting content.
Here is what's happening in Timeline of ancient history:

It is making use of the EasyTimeline extension, which "generates" a timeline based on structured metadata. Sounds like a good idea, except: the timeline that it generates is a bitmap (PNG image) with text rendered onto it (badly) and an HTML MAP tag that contains a collection of AREA links that are overlaid onto the bitmap, hoping that they line up with the text. This was groundbreaking in 2004, but today can be done much better and simpler.

I'm afraid our communities can't easily modernize their tools if nobody provides technical guidance how to do that. See T137291 for that can of worms.

Adding Content-Transform-Team as Product-Infrastructure-Team-Backlog-Deprecated has been deprecated for a while, and as open valid tasks shall not be ignored and forgotten only because WMF internally reorgs without much change management in place (cf T328586).

The actual "bug" here is "Parsoid support for Extension:EasyTimeline"; I don't know if that's been created yet.

MSantos subscribed.

@Dbrant it has been a while since this is opened, do you think this is still valid?

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