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Improve opt-out functionality in sidebar
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As part of T236176 there is currently a link in the sidebar that allows users to switch from the Latest Vector to Legacy Vector T243281. There are a few shortcomings of this feature:

  • it is not dismissible, so if you do like Latest Vector you will always have that link there
  • it is negative in tone
  • it doesn't immediately provide a feedback link


(in progress, see comments)

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@ovasileva curious what you think of this?
Feedback - opens the talk page in a new window
Learn more - opens the project page in a new window
Go back to old vector - navigates to Preferences > Appearance > Legacy Vector

image.png (760×1 px, 618 KB)

cc @Ladsgroup @Volker_E as both of you have previously commented upon this

Instant reaction:
en: Go back to old Vector
de: Zu altem Vector zurückgehen

One note: "Vector" is a really technical term that even most editors don't know what it means not to mention readers. Also, for give feedback, I'd love to have a selection like "the column is narrow, the header is too busy, the sky is not green, other (specify)". Another point (I promise it's the last), I received lots of feedback that all could be simply addressed as "this is not the final design". Like "You need to do something about search bar" (well, we are), so having a notice that this is not the final design would help too.

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