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Stating article title explicitly per language version doesn't work
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Author: michael.angelkovich

Now I am reporting a bug that concerns interaction between two features of the language converter on sr.wp:

  1. The feature that allows an user to explicitly state what title should be displayed on any of the language versions (sr, sr-ec, sr-el). Its syntax is like this:

-{T|sr-ec:<title for sr-ec version>;sr-el:<title for sr-el version>}-

  1. The feature that transliterates the article title and content from sr-ec to sr-el and vice versa.

The feature (2) transliterates the whole title either to Cyrillic or Latin script, which doesn't always give right results. The feature (1) was introduced in order to provide user option to specify how exactly titles should be displayed in either version.

Previous / wanted state:
So, supposedly the feature (1) should overwrite the doings of the feature (2). If the feature (1) is called, the (2) should stay put concerning the title. If the feature (1) has not been called, the (2) should define both title and content.

The Problem:
This doesn't work like that anymore. The user is still able to choose different titles for different language versions using the feature (1). It works. But it seems that the feature (2) is now able to process the results afterward, which defeats the purpose of the feature (1) in most cases. An illustration:

State before:
if(feature 1 used) {

title = as defined by feature 1(title)

} else {

title = as defined by feature 2(title)


Present state:
if(feature 1 used) {

title = as defined by feature 1(title)

title = as defined by feature 2(title)

I hope you get my meaning.

In this article:

Has been stated:
-{T|sr-ec:Innuendo (албум);sr-el:Innuendo (album)}-

Which means the titles for the versions should be:
sr-ec:Innuendo (албум)
sr-el:Innuendo (album)

On contrary, the actual results are:
sr-ec:Иннуендо (албум)
sr-el:Innuendo (album)


Version: unspecified
Severity: minor



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PhiLiP.NPC wrote:

Yes you are right. The title conversion does not work for a long time. I'll manage to find time to fix this problem. Before it's fixed, you could use -{H|some rules}- instead of -{T|some rules}-, it works still.

PhiLiP.NPC wrote:

This bug has been fixed in r69080.

PhiLiP.NPC wrote:

*** Bug 23967 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

PhiLiP.NPC wrote:

*** Bug 27374 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***