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Show correct create page/page exists message on wikis with multiple writing systems
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User story: As a searcher on a multi–writing system wiki with automatic conversion, I want the correct message about whether a page exists or not, regardless of writing system, so that I know I can read the article when it does exist.

If you search on Chinese Wikipedia for 張軒 (in traditional characters), you get this message:

  • Create the page "張軒" on this wiki!

The link provided to create the page is to the existing page 张轩, which is 張軒 in simplified characters.

This also happens on the Serbian Wikipedia (which is mixed Latin and Cyrillic character sets). Searching for Изгубљени (ТВ серија) gives you the message Create the page "Изгубљени (ТВ серија)" on this wiki! even though the link is to the existing page "Izgubljeni (TV serija)".

Crimean Tatar Wikipedia: Searching for Википедия offers to let you create the page, even though it links to "Vikipediya".

Similarly, on Inuktitut Wikipedia, searching for raqtuankusiqa offers to create the page, even though it links to the page "ᕋᖅᑐᐊᓐᑯᓯᖃ".

Note that Crimean Tatar and Inuktitut don't do the conversion for indexing and searching, so the searches provided have no results (other than the link the transliterated exact title match).

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Searching for any of the examples above should tell me that the page exists, and not offer to let me create the page.
  • Ideally, the "page exists" message should use the text that I searched for (e.g., Википедия) in the message, but using the actual title of the page (e.g., Vikipediya) with the correct message is better than nothing. (Often, readers can't read all the writing systems available on-wiki, so seeing the message with the original text they searched for is much better.)

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Change 646976 had a related patch set uploaded (by DCausse; owner: DCausse):
[mediawiki/core@master] Special:Search find variant links before showing the create page link

Change 646976 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] Special:Search find variant links before showing the create page link

Origionally reported query for 張軒 now says There is a page named "张轩" on this wiki. Calling this complete.

I checked the Serbian, Inuktitu, and Crimean Tatar examples and they all work now, too! Stick a fork in it—it's done! Thanks, @dcausse!!

Okay, why for Изгубљени (ТВ серија) on srwiki (from the description) it doesn't redirect me automatically to the Izgubljeni (TV serija)?

image.png (992×1 px, 242 KB)

Automatic redirection happens when using the search bar found on all pages. When using the primary search bar on the Special:Search page no automatic redirection will occur. Concretely this is controlled by the url parameter fulltext=1 which instructs mediawiki to always return the fulltext search result page.

Url used from the skin search bar, auto-redirects:Изгубљени+(ТВ+серија)

Url used from the Special:Search search bar, gives fulltext results and the message about page exists:Изгубљени+(ТВ+серија)

Thanks @EBernhardson, we can call this resolved then. :)