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[Technical investigation] What happens if a section you are watching gets renamed?
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This section sound be considered "notes." They come from a conversation @Esanders and @ppelberg had on 15-Sep wherein Ed shared what had been discussed during Editing Engineering meetings.

  • Potential approaches
    • We could potentially track changes to section titles and thereby update the section name (read conversation ID) in the database.
  • Considerations
    • It's possible for the same page to contain sections with the same name
    • A conversation could get archived from a talk page and some time later, the same section name could be re-used on that same page in effect creating a duplicate of the previously archived conversation
      • A solve for the above could be to make it so thread-specific subscriptions depend not only on the title of a particular section, but ALSO it's presence on a particular page (read: URL).

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ppelberg moved this task from Backlog to Triaged on the DiscussionTools board.

Per the conversation @Esanders and I had on 26-Jan-2021, we are going to defer answering this question until it becomes an issue.

We've answered this during development, but forgot to close this task until now… The answer is: Nothing happens, and you continue receiving notifications for that section.

Topic subscriptions use item names to identify the topic, which are independent of the section title. They're documented briefly in T274685 and mw:Extension:DiscussionTools/How it works#Assigning ID and name: the names of threads are based on the author and time of the oldest comment in the topic.

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