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Prepare deployment of JSON dumps for Lexeme
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  • changes to operations-puppet (modules/snapshot/ in puppet, the bash for the JSON dumps is in modules/snapshot/files/cron/
  • some coordination with ops ArielGlenn
  • gain an overview about the code there and create a ticket for refactoring it so that we are more confident to perform changes in the future (put it under test, ...)

Access to "the dump generation server" may be exclusive to Marius at the moment.

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Change 637895 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hoo man; owner: Hoo man):
[operations/puppet@production] Do weekly dumps of Wikidata Lexeme

Maintenance_bot moved this task from incoming to in progress on the Wikidata board.Fri, Nov 6, 9:15 AM
hoo added a comment.Tue, Nov 10, 7:28 PM

I still need to test my changes (sadly there are no automated tests for these scripts and it would be excruciatingly hard to write some for the current bash scripts). Once that is done, this is good to go from my side.