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collapsible sidebar confuses tab order
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when navigating all links on a page using tab, as one would do with a text-only browser or a screen-reader, lins are focused in an odd order:

  1. search
  2. headins in the sidebar
  3. content
  4. personal tools (pt-*)
  5. page-tabs (ca-*)
  6. actual items in the sidebar

This is quite confusing: 2) and 6) really belong together. Not sure if sidebar navigation should come before or after content, but all items in the sidebar should definitly be in the same place in the tab focus order.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: minor
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This report results from feedback from the German Central Library for the Blind (DZB). Please see for some background.

This issue is somewhat related to #24582

As we already have (working) mw-jump links we should consider completely removing the tabindex from the sidebar headings so that they'll get tabbed to only after the content (or if the user select "navigation" from the mw-jump quick links).
Having to tab through the whole sidebar prior to reaching the content isn't an option IMO.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 29199 ***