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[DO NOT USE] Vector skin issues (tracking) [superseded by #Vector]
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All bugs and enhancement requests related to the basic Vector skin (included in MediaWiki core) or the Vector extension, as well as the interoperability between them.

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Phabricator_maintenance removed subtasks: T67294: Vector: Menu items that are hidden should not be made visible by collapsibleTabs, T65549: Vector Typography Refresh (tracking), T65390: Vector: Headings have excessive top margin when used as first element in a content container, T60206: Vector: Images wider than page width "stick out" on Apple's mobile devices, T63143: Vector skin needs non-collapsible bits, T63099: Vector: Remove use of raster graphics in the layout styles, T57905: user preference to override collapsing of sidebar items in Vector skin, T44300: Vector skin has width issues sometimes on this here old buckets computer, T44241: Vector: Middle click on <a href="#"> in tabs should not open "{current url}#" in a new window, T47685: Vector: Discrepancy between background image and color, T45940: Vector: SectionEditLinks javascript breaks Special:Preferences javascript, T55940: FOUC on main page, showing a "navigation"-caption, T43859: Layout of category tree in sidebar does not match with vector layout: Fonts too big, T48947: Vector: Horizontal nav elements should be flipped with CSS instead of in HTML, T43729: Tidy up and deploy Vector's sectionEditLinks (move section edit links next to headers), T45406: [Regression] CSS selector for vector menu label is not generic enough, T47051: Phase out the Vector extension; merge the good parts into core (tracking), T43484: Vector: Default icon for "profile" in personal tools should be gender neutral and fit with other site icons look & feel, T40334: PHP Notice: Undefined index: href in /www/w/skins/Vector.php on line 416, T46855: Improve JQuery UI Vector button styles, T46854: Add a subtle box shadow to the content in Vector, T46853: Use normal grey triangle for mw-collapsible toggle for enhanced recentchanges and watchlist in Vector, T46594: Vector: Page-specific items should not be in sidebar toolbox but in actions dropdown, T46591: Add a label or icon to the page tools cactions dropdown menu in Vector, T36587: Vector: Collapsible tabs first start from the wrong side in RTL, T34687: jquery UI buttonset in Vector Skin does not show up as a "set", T39744: jquery.ui.button: Color classes only implemented in jquery.ui vector theme, T39743: jQuery color button classes (ui-button-blue, ...) in Vector don't show focus and active state properly, T46387: Vector: Add styles to improve experience on low-resolution devices, T46386: Vector: Issues related to narrow window size, low resolution (tracking), T44615: [Vector] recent changes uses different font for rows showing wikibase-item, T41035: Vector: Remove slow collapsibleNav module, T42703: Divide Wikibase CSS into shared CSS and Vector (skin) specific CSS, T39362: Installer: Sidebar group separator should look like in Vector's sidebar, T29432: Set foreground color in vector, T25913: SimpleSearch: Add font color to the search field, T25826: CollapsibleNavs places navigation items outside any block., T30835: Styling for p-personal menu in Vector, T30799: Vector: Submitting search field doesn't work for mobile users (Symbian), T35887: Vector: Option to remove the wpvector-noexperiments pref ("Exclude me from feature experiments"), T27510: "Navigation" in sidebar is visible for a moment before disappearing (FOUC), T25708: Monospace text still much smaller in Vector for certain extensions, T25702: Make clear which preferences requires Vector, T27394: Configure which sections of the sidebar navigation menu are expanded/collapsed by default, T29047: Nicer design for pre elements in Vector, T25553: iCab 3 crashes when loading, T25512: Vector: Sidebar inaccessible for Opera and Konqueror, T27187: Search suggestions should only highlight the first match in the title, T28864: Vector: OutputPage::addMeta() not working with MediaWiki 1.16.1, T32101: Vector: "Stay on page" EditWarning ignored when pressing "Enter" in search box, T27127: Simple Search: Fulltext search impossible with disabled javascript or search suggestions are not supported, T37341: Vector user icon in personal portlet should be hidpi, T37340: Vector: Add SVG version of collapsible sidebar arrow icon, T35561: $wgVectorUseSimpleSearch = false; (Go + Search button) doesn't react on hitting return, T37338: Vector: List bullet icon should not be low-res (pixelated on HiDPI screens), T37335: Vector: Add SVG version of the watch star icon, T37336: Vector: Add SVG version of magnifying-glass icon, T28665: On Firefox non-RTL search suggestions on an RTL wiki are first shown backwards, T25023: Admin shortcuts are not working in Vector, T24986: Certain actions e.g. delete in more menu are inconvenient to access, T26779: Custom added tabs not collapse to menu on page resize, T28349: SimpleSearch: Enter key cannot trigger 'Go' button directly now, T28350: SimpleSearch: Highlight state shouldn't be remembered, T26655: Vector: Arrow+backspace key + mouse problem in SimpleSearch, T26654: Vector: Arrow+backspace key does not work when removing input and re-entering, T26581: collapsible sidebar confuses tab order, T26481: [collapsibleTabs] Vector: Tab "Move" should be visible by default (to discourage copy/paste moves), T24680: Vector EditWarning breaks page caching. Edits get erased when navigating back and forth, T26248: Vector skin search "Go" button uses fulltext search button tooltip, T26215: Vector: SimpleSearch freaks out when escape is pressed, T26184: Simple search: Incorrect highlighting when using shortcuts.Jul 30 2016, 3:52 PM
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