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Vector: Submitting search field doesn't work for mobile users (Symbian)
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From bug #23558 comment #13:

The current mobile Wikipedia is really only for Wikipedia. I tried using Wiktionary today from my phone, and i couldn't run a search - i can write the word in the search box, but my phone doesn't have a way to send an Enter-like event.

This is true for my Samsung Monte, for Symbian-based Nokia phones and maybe for many others. On the iPhone the SimpleSeach drop-down works, although not without issues.

On the Mobile Wikipedia this is solved by putting near the input box a button that actually runs the search and can be pressed by the Symbian "mouse"-like pointer, by the Samsung touchscreen or by whatever there is in the other phones. Until there's a new mobile WikiMedia app, this button should be added to Wikimedia projects. Marking this as High priority - it's nearly impossible to search non-Wikipedia projects on many mobile devices until it's solved.

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Wikitionay search works fine on a HTC Nexus One running 2.3.4 and the native browser.

Tomasz, it's not clear from your comment -- did you search on an ambiguous term (i.e., a term like "begin" that has an entry) -- is it possible on the Nexus One's native browser to ''search'' for the term, as opposed to calling up the "begin" page?

That use case is what bug #23558 was about. Searching ''text'' for a term that has a similarly-titled page.

I searched both for known terms and ones that have no article and found no issues. Is there a specific term that is causing this?

On my iPhone it does seem as if done in the keyboard is not equivalent to submit in the searchfield. Since it is not obvious that you can use the magnify icon to execute the search function, it is indeed quite confusing.

What makes this work on Wikipedia?

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@MarkAHershberger is this still an issue for you?

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Either resolved or irrelevant 4 years on. Please reopen if this is something that is still a problem.