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VisualEditor does not support wikis without short URLs
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VisualEditor does not properly support wikis without short URLs configured. It will load and mostly work, but there are various issues with anything that references other pages (links, templates, images).

Parsoid has better but still half-hearted support for wikis without short URLs, and some of the issues may actually originate in Parsoid.

Both tools were developed with Wikimedia wikis in mind and unfortunately made some assumptions about how the URLs look like. We've always only supported short URLs, but no one really noticed until the release of MediaWiki 1.35 with its bundled VisualEditor+Parsoid, at which point setting up VisualEditor became easier than setting up short URLs, and many users ran into the problem ;)


If you can't set up rewrite rules to get "nice" short URL, try using $wgUsePathInfo=true instead, which might work on your server and will work with VisualEditor.

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(I'm filing this to connect a few separate bug reports we got about this, and to have a nice place to merge any future ones. As far as I know we're not currently planning to work on this, sorry.)

This seems to be resolved for 1.39 for zero config VE installs thanks to T305108, I tried it out and did not come across any issues for the three URL types you list.

It mostly works but I think there are still issues in some less-used dialogs, e.g. T270065.