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Confirm we have translation strings for variant update alert
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We should ensure we have Chinese (and any other variant language) translation strings for the modal in this ticket. If we aren't getting translation strings back when it is in beta, we should ask the community specifically for them. (It would be a giant shame if this alert was only available in English.)

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Step 1: Get copy.
Step 2: PR that puts these strings in the app (w/o the modal at this point) - get it in early so that there is time for the to be translated.

Updates to Chinese variant support

Body text
The Wikipedia app now supports the following Chinese variants as primary or secondary languages within the app, making it easier to read, search and edit in your preferred variants:

简体 Chinese, Simplified (zh-hans)
繁體 Chinese, Traditional (zh-hant)
大陆简体 Mainland Simplified (zh-cn)
香港繁體 Hong Kong Traditional (zh-hk)
澳門繁體 Macau Traditional (zh-mo)
大马简体 Malaysia Simplified (zh-my)
新加坡简体 Singapore Simplified (zh-sg)
臺灣正體 Taiwanese Traditional (zh-tw)

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@cmadeo In engineering sync we noticed that we should add these strings in for the other languages as well. Can you give us a list of strings you need translated for the others? I'm thinking something like

Updates to Serbian variant support
Updates to Uzbek variant support
Updates to variant support

The Wikipedia app now supports the following Serbian variants as primary...
The Wikipedia app now supports the following Uzbek variants as primary...
The Wikipedia app now supports the following variants as primary...

We also discussed possibly having more general text (i.e. strip the language mention entirely in the title and body text), and having the list include all non-Chinese variants. So for example, if they have Zh, Sr, and Uz Wikipedia in language settings already, upon launch they would see one modal with the Chinese-specific strings and variants like this task's description, and one other modal with more general text that indicates all the others, as opposed to 3 different modals.

Hi @Tsevener does the table on this ticket: help? If not I'm happy to make changes/updates!

@cmadeo oh great, those should work! Thanks, I missed that.

@Tsevener or @cmadeo - Are there steps to reproduce the dialogs?

@ABorbaWMF, sorry, not until we get these strings into a modal ( or I'll move this into Blocked for now until all the translations come in.