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Decide which configuration settings should be managed on-wiki
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Right now, we have a couple of variables that need (or can) be configured for any given wiki running GrowthExperiments. We need to decide which configuration settings should be maintained on-wiki, and which should be maintained in the server configuration (ie. only by us).


Have a decision about which config variables will be managed by communities on-wiki, and which will be managed by Growth-Team in the server configuration. Implementation is out of scope here, and will be carried out in the parent task.

List of configuration options


In addition to the "classic" config variables set in extension.json, there is GrowthExperiments-NewcomerTasks configuration, which is already on-wiki (cf., and it should be kept on-wiki.

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I'm boldly assigning this to you @MMiller_WMF, as I think this is more of a PM question than anything I can decide.

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@Urbanecm_WMF -- since we went through and made these decisions yesterday, I'm going to put this into QA. @Etonkovidova -- you can use the spreadsheet attached to this task to QA the form once @Urbanecm_WMF builds it.

@Urbanecm_WMF and @MMiller_WMF - thanks for the putting together the doc!