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"sight this edit" on edit page missing, are "automatically checked"
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Hi, I have noticed in the last few days (I guess with MediaWiki 1.36/wmf.29-31) one thing has been changed.

enwn uses FlaggedRevs extension, which came with "Mark this version as reviewed" option for reviewers/editor (user group) on the edit page option. Right next to "This is a minor edit" and "Watch this page". It is now missing.

Unless accepted otherwise, the edits would not be sighted ("accepted") by default. But now, it is "automatically checked". Only reviewers/editors can sight that edit, but looks like reviewer's edits are autosighted.

Steps to reproduce

  1. On a wiki using FlaggedRevs, sight a revision.
  2. Now as a reviewer ("editor" group), make any changes to the page.
  3. The button for "mark this version as reviewed" is no longer there.
  4. Save the page, and check the history, it is automatically sighted.
  5. Now let a non-editor make an edit.
  6. When an editor now clicks on edit source, they see "Mark this version as reviewed" is now visible.

Expected behaviour

  1. "Mark this version as reviewed" option for reviewers/editor (user group) on the edit page option MUST always be present, and should not be selected by default
  2. Edits by reviewers SHOULD NOT be autosighted.

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DannyS712 renamed this task from FlaggedRevs affected by new mediawiki release (prolly MediaWiki 1.36/wmf.29-31) to FlaggedRevs affected by new mediawiki release (probably MediaWiki 1.36/wmf.29-31).Feb 19 2021, 3:29 AM

@Acagastya can you please provide steps to reproduce? Who's edits are getting automatically checked, and who is supposed to be seeing the option that is now missing? I could not reproduce -,_fatalities_reported&diff=4606580&oldid=4606579 was not automatically reviewed

@DannyS712 for reviewers (might be referred as "editor" internally). You were not able to reproduce the issue since you don't have the reviewer bits. However, page history will show you all edits by the reviewer after hitting publish are now auto-sighted.

Aklapper renamed this task from FlaggedRevs affected by new mediawiki release (probably MediaWiki 1.36/wmf.29-31) to "sight this edit" on edit page missing, are "automatically checked".Feb 19 2021, 9:16 AM
Aklapper updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Acagastya: Hi, please follow and provide clear and complete steps to reproduce (step by step, as a list), what you expected to happen, and what happens instead. This would help a lot in reproducing and allowing to fully understand the problem. Thanks.

Thanks. I'm not sure where to start reading... There's some "update" section (does that make some other parts of the task description invalid?), there are some steps to reproduce at the bottom, there's also stuff at the top. It would be welcome to follow

@Aklapper please see updated description. Is it ok?

Thanks a lot, that's more helpful.

Acagastya raised the priority of this task from Medium to High.Apr 22 2021, 3:29 PM

Any update on this issue? This has been causing troubles, and it would be nice to have some foolproof fix for this.

Ladsgroup lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Apr 22 2021, 3:42 PM
Ladsgroup added a subscriber: Ladsgroup.

Priority should normally be set by product managers, maintainers, community liaisons, or developers who plan to work on the task, or by the bugwrangler or experienced community members, not by the reporter filing the bug report or by outside observers.

Just wait please. FlaggedRevs is a big mess that fixing its bugs is not easy.

It has been more than two months; anyone assigning the bug for themselves, or giving a status update, or timeline, ETA, or at least an acknowledgment that the devs are actually working on it would be appreciated.

There are even worse bugs for FlaggedRevs that have not been addressed yet and have been like this for even more time. Like T233561 and T275322. The underlying problem being FlaggedRevs not having a maintainer: T185664 (and being in such a terrible state that no one wants to take ownership of it). We have been reducing its size so it can be maintained but cleaning up > 30K lines of code is not easy. Patches welcome.

@Acagastya: Time since reporting does not magically increase developer resources. :)
Status update: Anyone is free at any time to volunteer working on this, you included. Thanks...