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Content localization infrastructure setup (export, import, deploy)
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  • Parse headings and descriptions of items into strings (format depends on T276708))
  • Export to
  • Import translated strings (cronjob etc) from into repo
  • Deploy repo, see T290257: Workflow how to deploy changes for that

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#translatewiki chat
[18:59]  <    bd808> semi-random question: I have been asked to look into multi-lingual static site generation and was wondering if there are any known TWN projects that might be doing something like that. Mostly I guess I'm wondering if there are any custom import/export scripts that have been written to take something like a markdown document and load it into TWN as multiple translation units.
[19:00]  <    bd808> I think I'm envisioning something a bit like Extension:Translate but all static and external to MediaWiki.
[19:40]  <Nikerabbit> bd808: doesn't ring a bell immediately
[19:41]  <Nikerabbit> I guess you would just need to file format handler for markdown for splitting it into units and some logic to generate the multilingual site
[19:44]  <    bd808> yeah, I was guessing that should be technically possible. The markdown or whatever might need some extension markup to split into reasonable translation units.
[19:46]  <    bd808> But for know just knowing that it is a semi-novel problem to solve is what I needed. :) Thanks Nikerabbit 
[19:47]  <Nikerabbit> I think that if one would spend effort digging, one would find prior art
[19:48]  <Nikerabbit> if you're willing to compromise with markup not being the source format, it would be rather trivial
[19:49]  <Nikerabbit> I'm not so familar with markdown to say what would make sense as syntax for marking things (not) translatable
[19:50]  <Nikerabbit> but I think from twn side we could pretty easily handle the fuzzy-matching of changed units based on content, so you wouldn't need explicit identifiers
[19:50]  <Nikerabbit> (kinda similar to Gettext)
[19:51]  <Nikerabbit> quick googling finds and
[19:52]  <Nikerabbit> but of course devil is in the details and in the quality and control/flexibility of managing the splitting process
Aklapper triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 3 2021, 5:30 PM

Pasting some more notes from conversations with Bryan (so this is all Bryan's knowledge, not mine), in addition to the conversation above:

  • Translation setup will need building something that we don't have.
  • When using a library for GNU gettext, twn can already deal with it
  • High-level workflow:
    • Source of truth docs (YAML, Markdown, etc), largely dictated by generator of site content (e.g. static)
    • parse strings
    • to pull Gerrit repo regularly
    • pick .po files to merge
      • generating pages in languages, likely compile into Docker container, once a week deployment window (translations, content to push to site)
    • trigger deployments (human being vs automated)
  • (Toolhub comparison: Django uses gettext po files, wired into twn, so that's basically only setting up configuration.)
  • (Toolhub = Translation applied at runtime. Versus purely static with nothing on backend and only Apache content module/nginx checking HTTP accept header)

(If we ever ended up with a more complex tag/category system, displaying all translated items can create some confusion (T273550))

Aklapper renamed this task from Translatability / localization workflow for content to Content localization infrastructure setup (export, import, deploy).Sep 7 2021, 4:31 PM
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