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Show sections collapsed for the full article when comparing contents
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On the "compare the contents" step (T241589).of Section Translation, users can view both the source section and the full target article. Currently, the full article is often a large piece of content that may may be hard to process at a glance based on research input. This ticket proposes to render the target article with collapsed sections in the same way articles are shown on the mobile web.

Compare the contents showing the full target articleArticle with collapsed sections on mobile web
test.m.wikipedia.org_wiki_Special_ContentTranslation_page=Ink&from=en&to=bn&sx=true(iPhone 6_7_8).png (1×750 px, 431 KB)
bn.m.wikipedia.org_wiki_%E0%A6%95%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%B2%E0%A6%BF(iPhone 6_7_8) (1).png (1×750 px, 404 KB)