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2021-Q2 mentor audit
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It is time for the quarterly mentor audit.

  • how many new mentors?
  • how many mentors quit?
  • which ones should be removed?

This is a way for us to observe how mentors behave, and a way provide comparison points for other communities.


Due Date
Apr 21 2021, 7:00 PM

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Trizek-WMF triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 14 2021, 2:08 PM
Trizek-WMF set Due Date to Apr 21 2021, 7:00 PM.
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Hi, in Viwiki:

  • 36 mentors (in the last mentor audit on Oct 2020 there were only 12), this is due to a member sending mass-messages inviting all the experienced editors to become a mentor. This is good news, since we just moved all the questions from the help desk to the mentors' talk page, this means all the questions will not flood into a small numbers of mentors and make them uncomfortable.
  • There is two mentor left and one is crossed out (due to being temporarily banned), I'm asking this person if he wants to be a mentor again now that his ban is already lifted.

I'm also sending messages to all the mentors that don't answer mentee's questions lately, telling them if after 7 days they don't reply me, I'll cross their name. So I'll come back and update this later.

In the bnwiki, the growth features got deployed on 10 February 2021

  • Since the deployment, 8 new mentors joined
  • Since the deployment, 4 mentors quit
  • I think the mentors are fine in their roles. I have noticed 2 or 3 questions not answered properly, and have notified the respective mentor.

To describe more: on 10 February, the mentor number was 7. The highest number was 13 (on 12 March). The present number is 11 as of 17 April 2021.

In ar wiki, mentors are watching the list and other mentors activities. If a mentor thinks they are not too active, they remove themself.

  • 15 mentors;
  • One mentor didn't reply to answers since January, and they will be contacted on their talkpage;
  • A mentor received a message that took them away from mentoring activities for 2 weeks.

@Urbanecm_WMF, can you share your report there, using the same format as others? This way I will be able to publish the results.

@Trizek-WMF Sorry, I thought I did share it already. Here you go!

  • No new mentors (last addition was December 2020)
  • One mentor removed for inactivity
  • There is one mentor that takes long time to answer messages. I will reach out to them and ask what is happening.

Thank you all for the reports!

Overall, mentors activity goes well on all wikis. Happy to see mentors being active on all wikis! Mentors dashboard will help covering the need of monitoring the activity of mentors for a given wiki.