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Stop injecting LanguageNameLookup into WikibaseValueFormatterBuilders
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Currently, we inject the LanguageNameLookup service into the WikibaseValueFormatterBuilders class (WikibaseRepo.DefaultValueFormatterBuilders service). Since that service is deprecated, we should avoid that.

I think one option would be to use the LanguageNameLookupFactory service introduced in T281712. Most (all?) of the WikibaseValueFormatterBuilders methods take a FormatterOptions argument, which should(?) contain a language option (ValueFormatter::OPT_LANG); if we inject a language name lookup factory into the formatter builders, then each time we actually build a specific formatter from a set of options, we can use that factory to create a specific language name lookup.

That said, I’m not sure that the options actually contain a language each time. I suggest something like this (sketch code):

private function getLanguageNameLookup( FormatterOptions $options ) {
	if ( $options->hasOption( ValueFormatters::OPT_LANG ) ) {
		return $this->languageNameLookupFactory->getForLanguageCode( $options->getOption( ValueFormatters::OPT_LANG ) );
	} else {
		// TODO wfDeprecated() probably?
		return $this->languageNameLookupFactory->getForLanguage( WikibaseRepo::getUserLanguage() );