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[EPIC] Simplify the RelatedArticles extension
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Specific: What do we want to achieve?

The RelatedArticles extension is an incredibly simpler extension that adds cards at the end of the article. It could however be even simpler. Given the extension was written circa 2017, many new members of the team have never interacted with it. In the interest of knowledge sharing we should rectify that.

By spending some time we'd make the maintenance cost of keeping this extension in line with design changes this extension near zero, as well as increase the team's exposure to the team.

Measurable: How will we know when we've reached our goal?

This goal can be closed when there are no open subtasks.

Achievable: What support will we need to achieve our goal?

Help from the Vue.js migration team is needed to port the rendering library to Vue.js

Relevant: Is this goal worthwhile?

Yes. Using Vue.js would make the design of this extension consistent with the rest of our product - in particular Nearby and search.

Time-bound: What is the time frame? Can we achieve this goal in the timeframe we've set?

Should be completed by 1.37 release or the end of quarter 1 ( 09/30/2021 ), whichever is sooner.

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