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ULS width should remain fixed while searching
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Currently the width of the ULS is based on how many items are inside of it. Because of this the width can change while you're searching for a language:

It seems like this was always the case, however previously the ULS was left-anchored so the resize was less noticeable/disruptive:


I think it would make sense for the width of the ULS to remain fixed while someone is searching.

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In T286514#7206971, @alexhollender wrote:

Looks good to me. @Pginer-WMF - maybe this is something to consider for the new ULS? Do you have a rough idea on how long a short-term fix would take for the current version?

In T286514#7206971, @alexhollender wrote:

Makes sense to me. The idea of adjusting the size was intended to adapt for the initial state. I agree it is preferred not to reduce the size as the user searches to avoid distractions.

This is something we are considering for the new language selector (T253303). The demo @santhosh created already behaves that way, but I'll make sure to add an explicit note to clarify this.

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Looks like this was fixed at some point