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In-article search not working
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For a couple of weeks in-article search hasn’t been working for me. I tried
deleting and reinstalling the app but it still doesn't work.

I wasn't able to reproduce this myself, but I requested and the user sent a follow-up video of the problem. They seem to have Assistive Touch enabled and a non-English language set as the device language.


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Received another report of this via TestFlight.

Search within page doesn’t work and hasn’t in a while, beta and stable

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I just wanted to let you know that for a few weeks now I have been trying to use the "Word Search" feature on your site but I have been unsuccessful in my attempts. When I try to search for something, it does not highlight my selected search query.

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I just fiddled around with some settings in the iOS accessibility and keyboard menus, and when I turned off "full keyboard access", my in-page search started working again.

To double-check, I turned the full-keyboard access back on, and the page that I was already on, with a search in progress, continued to search when I used the up/down arrow buttons. But when I tried a new search, it failed again.

Turning full keyboard back off allowed the search to work again.

I hope this helps.


I can confirm that disabling Full Keyboard Access under Settings -> Accessibility -> Keyboards restored the search functionality for me. Turning it back on prevented search from responding again.

I can confirm the workaround mentioned by ap-rdu and AdamSwinden. I hope this makes it easier to track down this bug.

Thank you to @ap-rdu @AdamSwinden and @Swrmr. Knowing what is causing this - and having replication steps - will definitely help us solve it. Thank you!!!

A note - this only seems to happen on iOS 15. A 14.7 test device doesn't show this problem, but a 15.2 does have this bug when turning on full keyboard access.

Just registering that another ticket was recently opened about it;TicketID=12106867

  • Version, iOS 15.4; Phone 11 Pro
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