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hewiki: add "templateeditor" permission group
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hewiki discussed and is in consensus for establishing templateeditor permission group, which will be used, similar to other wiki, for protection of wide-use or sensitive templates (mainpage, portals, and such).

currently on hewiki, only interface editors and admin groups contains this permission, and we want/need a new group, which will have only templateeditor perm.

The requested group name is "עורכי תבניות", and contains both templateeditor and oathauth-enable permissions.

link to consensus on hewiki village pump.

note that this is relatively new, so please make sure consensus is still valid before acting.


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4nn1l2 triaged this task as Medium priority.

For documentation purposes:
According to the proposal onwiki,

מפעילים ועורכי ממשק מחזיקים בהרשאה כבר היום, ויוכלו כמובן להמשיך לטפל בדפים הללו.
ההרשאה תוענק ותישלל על ידי מפעילי מערכת, אחרי בקשה בדף ויקיפדיה:בקשות להרשאת עורך תבניות, לפי שיקול דעתם, ודיון אם נחוץ כזה.

Operators and interface editors already have permission, and will of course be able to continue to handle these pages.
Permission will be granted and revoked by system operators, upon request on the Wikipedia page : requests for template editor permission , at their discretion, and a discussion of whether such is necessary.

One should also note that according to T102466, the protection level templateeditor already exists at hewiki and this task involves only creating the templateeditor group.

Change 742833 had a related patch set uploaded (by 4nn1l2; author: 4nn1l2):

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] hewiki: add \"templateeditor\" permission group

@4nn1l2 - please see update to story and consensus, and my comment on gerrit.

in a nutshell: please also add oathauth-enable to the new group.

(and of course - Thanks!)


oathauth-enable is enabled for all templateeditors at all wikis by default. Please see T296154#7533506 for more details.

I can't see any comments on the related patch on Gerrit. Please note that publishing a comment is different from saving a comment on Gerrit. If you just save a comment, that will be a draft only visible to you. If you want the world to see that comment, you should also publish it by clicking on the blue REPLY button at the top of the page.

no need, thanks.
your explanation clarified it, and the comment is junk.

to clarify, i see this was merged to master, so i assume it will be available with wmf-12, is this correct?


It has not been merged yet, but I have scheduled it for the earliest deployment window which is Monday, 6 Dec 2021, 12:00 UTC. And it will go live the same time.

Change 742833 merged by jenkins-bot:

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] hewiki: add \"templateeditor\" permission group

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-12-06T12:08:12Z] <taavi@deploy1002> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: Config: [[gerrit:742833|hewiki: add "templateeditor" permission group (T296769)]] (duration: 00m 57s)