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Separate Vector into 2 separate skins
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Vector will be broken into 2 separate skins with 2 keys that represent the legacy (vector key) and the modern version (vector-2022 key). The two skins (legacy aka Vector and modern aka Vector 2022) will be marked in such a way that they are hidden on Special:Preferences.

With 2 skins and a migration plan, we can manage the change iteratively, e.g. QA the 2 skins and change the defaults on different wikis as we wean ourselves off the old skin.

Acceptance criteria

  • Vector will be broken into two internal skins that are hidden in user preferences. These will have skin keys vector and vector-2022
  • Vector will be the default skin. The Vector constructor, will make use of SkinFactory::getSkinOptions to work out which skins to apply
  • The skin key for Vector will be "vector"
  • No change to end user experience.

QA steps

  • Visit preferences. I should only see one Vector skin listed.
  • When I visit wiki/Special:Preferences?useskin=vector-2022 I see an additional Vector skin in preferences
  • When I visit wiki/Special:Preferences?useskin=vector I see only one Vector skin in preferences

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After some more analysis I think we can do this migration with just 2 skins which is preferable as we can retain the existing vector key. Since I upgraded PHP to 8 my local PHPUnit is not working, so bear with me while I work those out.

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This can no longer be QAed given other changes. There is a dedicated QA task T299110