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No user redirection to mobile site
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<GaryKing> Anyone around that works on Wikipedia?
<GaryKing> The mobile version is broken.
<Reedy> GaryKing, what device? And "broken" how?
<GaryKing> wgPageName is not defined in MobileRedirect.js
<GaryKing> So no users are redirected to the mobile version
<GaryKing> It's broken on all mobile devices
<GaryKing> mobileredirect was at the bottom of pages like all js files
<GaryKing> but it was recently moved back up while wgpagename still at the bottom
<GaryKing> someone moved it a few days ago
<GaryKing> about two days
<Reedy> mhmm
<GaryKing> this was probably it? "12:34 hcatlin: Deploying mobile fix "
<GaryKing> oh no wait this one: "'Live hack to put mobile script back in <head>' "
<Reedy> Roan did another fix later on

Version: .5
Severity: normal



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Seems to be a continuation of the saga from bug 27955