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Share a Wikistory
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Allow contributors and readers to share a Wiki story.
Reader- are able to share with others across other platforms.
Contributor- are able to share the stories they create across other platforms

Description/User story

As a Creator,
I want to share a wiki story that I created
So that readers can discover interesting content/ facts on Wikipedia.

As a Reader,
I want to share a wiki story that I read
So that other readers can discover interesting content/ facts on Wikipedia.

As a Reader,
I want to click back to the original article
So that I can see more information about the wiki story


Successful states
Error states

Acceptance Criteria
  1. There should be a CTA to share the link. This should invoke the mobile device's share function.
  2. There should be a CTA to copy the link to the story
  3. There should be a link in the shared story leading back to wikipedia article
Test Scenarios
  1. After publishing a story, there should be a section that intuitively shows the Wikistory link, with some text to explain this easily.
  2. The user should see an indication to copy the link.
  3. The user should see an indication to share the link using a mobile's Share function.
  4. If a user is on the desktop view, clicking on the link as a reader should open the Wikipage in mobile browser view.
Open questions

Sharing functionality works well when out of Beta; conversations ongoing with Indonesia community.
Other considerations to factor as we think about sharing:

a) Legal, Branding and Communications
b) Community feedback: curation and editing burden [office hours topic]

Tech notes

To share some text, or a file, or a URL on mobile, we can use the browser's share api. It opens up the native share dialog. It does nothing on desktop.

Additional notes
  1. Journey of the person sharing

Creator: share option after publishing; while you are viewing(reader) the output of your story
Reader: share option after reading.

  1. Journey of the person receiving

Currently: shows entire article then the user has to click show the story viewer
Option 1: story viewer (loads the article then loads the viewer- slow)
Option 2: story page
Option 3: new page that shows the story preview, then loads the story viewer. At the end of the story,

  • add a link back to the article/ redirect to the article [if there are no other stories to display for this article]
  • options to see other stories in the article.
  • OR special web page for other stories
  • OR create a wiki story
  • visual brand identity showing the origin (wikipedia), link to the article

stories wouldn't be seen (social media preview is influenced by the independent platforms)

Related Objects


Event Timeline

SBisson edited projects, added Wikistories; removed Wikistories (MVP).
SBisson edited projects, added Inuka-Team; removed Inuka-Team (Kanban).

Meeting notes with @SGautam_WMF & @SBisson

Technical priorities: which destinations are we targeting?

Option 1:
Simple version: have a special URL for the story viewer (optimize on the destination URL)
Easier to implement and would be a 1st step to solicit feedback.

Option 2:
Fancy version: to be platform specific eg. for Whatsapp, Tik tok, Instagram, Facebook etc.
More work is involved here as different platforms have different dynamics.

Other considerations to factor in as we think about the sharing feature:
-Legal, Branding and Communications
-Community feedback: with sharing comes an aspect of curation and editing burden. We can add this as a discussion topic during the office hours being planned by @Bonaditya & @UOzurumba

PWaigi-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)
PWaigi-WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

@PWaigi-WMF When a user shares a link, will it come with some text like: Here is a story titled ABC shared from Wikipedia: {link}. or will it just be the link?

Change 862291 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sbisson; author: Sbisson):

[mediawiki/extensions/Wikistories@master] SPIKE: share buttons

Test wiki created on Patch demo by SBisson (WMF) using patch(es) linked to this task: