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Cloud VPS "swift" project Stretch deprecation
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The end of life of Debian Stretch is approaching in 2022 and we need to move to Debian Bullseye (or Buster) before that date.

All instances in the swift project need to upgrade as soon as possible. Instances not upgraded by 2022-05-01 may be subject to deletion unless prior arrangements for an extended deadline has been approved by the Cloud VPS administration team.

Remaining Debian Stretch instances (live report):

Listed administrators are:

See also:

More info on current project instances is available via openstack browser.


Due Date
Apr 30 2022, 11:59 PM

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I think it makes sense to keep these available until we've finished upgrading production swift from stretch (in case we need a test system in a hurry) - that work is T279637.

Is that OK? Do I need to raise some ticket elsewhere to get that approved?

@Andrew I think you own T289883 so are you the person to ask about extensions, please?

Delaying until the prod systems are upgraded is OK. I would've expected the deadline for prod servers to be before the cloud-vps deadline though!

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2022-10-19T20:44:04Z] <andrewbogott> restarting ms-be-10 and ms-fe-10 due to comments on T306098

Just checking in here -- is this still blocked on prod upgrades?

We do still have a couple of stretch hosts in production, alas; hopefully gone by end of this quarter. Then I have to work out how to migrated the virtual swift cluster without breaking it...

Hi! Any progress on these upgrades?

Well, I completed T322547 (upload rclone >=1.60 to Debian) today, which is the next step on T299125 (replacing swiftrepl with rclone), which is the thing blocking T279637 (getting the last swift nodes off stretch).
That turned out to be (much) more work than anticipated (a fiddly problem with pristine-tar, about 15 new build-dependencies, quite a lot of packaging work); still aiming to have the work for T299125 done this quarter, but I suspect the deployment freeze means it'll now get actually rolled out in the start of 2023 :-/

Still working on this, I'm afraid - rclone deployed OK, but then we hit T327253 and T327269 ; fixing these issues and then resolving T299125 and T279637 is one of my KRs for this quarter.

Hello! According to, the 'swift' project is now abandoned. Komla and I have sent many emails to the project admins without response.

And yet, this ticket implies that those VMs are still in use. Can you clarify?

Sorry, have updated that page now.

Sorry, have updated that page now.


Hello! I may be misreading but it looks like this task (and the associated task for bare metal hosts) has been stalled since January. Is there a plan to resume work?

I have been working on T327253 around everything else.

Hello again! I'm just checking in that someone is still tasked with resolving this after our recent team shuffles.

MatthewVernon claimed this task.

I've now completed the bullseye upgrade for the remaining stretch nodes, and have decommissioned the virtual machines accordingly. Thanks for your patience!