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Positive reinforcement: User research to understand positive feedback and incentives to newcomer contribution
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As part of the Growth team's work to increase the retention of newcomers who start editing, we want to validate and add to our initial design explorations and hypothesis into feedback and incentives that may motivate new editors to keep editing.

This study aims to better understand positive feedback and incentives to newcomer contribution and whether there are leading similarities and differences across newcomers in different languages that use our Growth features.

The study will largely comprise of two sections:
(i) A moderated interview
(ii) User reactions and feedback when review of initial design explorations.


Some of the following may be broken into subtasks

  • Research plan
  • Contact language vendors for participants in study languages
  • Create survey with legal clearance for recruiting participants
  • Send a Mass Message to recruit participants
  • Prepare mocks in different study languages for use in the study (T307992)
  • Test report with recommendations

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