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Remove an effect of not showing "Thank" link when user IP is blocked
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When a user opens history or diff page and his IP is blocked, there are no "Thank" link near other users' nicknames. It might seem logical: if he can't thank them, why this link is needed, but a links "Edit" and "Revert to this version" still present.

But now in Russia many ruwiki users uses proxy/VPN services, because government blocked a huge part of Western internet, including many news websites (BBC, Deutsche Welle and dozens of others), social networks (FB, Twi, Instagram), Ukrainian websites and so on, but not wiki. So, when a user with enabled VPN opens a history or diff page, he need to 1) disable VPN, 2) reload a page for "thank" links to appear, 3) thank user. Step 2 can be removed if MW engine will not hide "thank" links when user IP is blocked, like "edit" and "revert to" links.

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Ping @kaldari @wctaiwan (people say me this users is a Thanks extension developers)

I don't think breaking MediaWiki's permission management because some users get blocked a lot is a viable idea, and it wouldn't make those users' lives much easier in any case. Maybe ruwiki could set up some streamlined process oh handing out block exemptions?

@Tgr Please, explain me:

  1. Why this request should entail "breaking MediaWiki's permission management"?
  2. Why "edit" link are showing when you are seeing diff using blocked IP, and "thank" link doesn't showed. What's the difference?
  3. Why you say "it wouldn't make those users' lives much easier", if you don't experience this problem, and a user who experience this problem says you it will make his life easier?

Edit links are a bit special in that we actually want blocked users to try to edit (that's when we set autoblocks and cookie blocks). That said, quickUserCan() / probablyCan() does seem like the most appropriate method to use for showing / hiding a UI element, so if that ignores blocks, that would solve this use case.