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Set up automated functional testing skeleton for Codex
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How could we set up an infrastructure for targeted, end-to-end functional tests for Codex.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Choose a tool (e.g. Cypress) and set up the infrastructure for functional testing of components.
  • Work with QTE to explore Cypress (or chosen tool)
  • Share output with the rest of the team

Event Timeline

Create subtasks for prototypes to test internationalization, accessibility, and performance

Repeating from a Slack conv, axe is a tool that has been seen as best-of-class in the last three years. There's also a Cypress implementation.

To aid with the investigation and selection of a test tool, @zeljkofilipin from QTE did some research on this at some point and can share his findings. He can also provide some information about the QTE support available for testing tools. Perhaps a call can be arranged?

STH triaged this task as Low priority.May 18 2022, 3:55 PM

@zeljkofilipin and I spoke about this on June 1st, and we agreed that we would create a proof of concept for Cypress component testing in Codex