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Implement actions for kebab menu on "Your Events" table
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As a followup to T308612, implement actions on "Your Events" table for organizer view:

    • Edit Event
  • Takes you to the form with pre-filled information that is editable
    • View Event Page
  • Takes you to event page
    • Close Registration
  • Where? @cmelo @gonyeahialam
  • Delete Event
  • This would be a pop-up -- and, if you have JS disabled or if there is an error, you are sent to the special page

Open questions:

  • Who should be able to delete, what should happen if they delete, etc.
  • Close registration - same user flow as when you want to edit, so probably doesn't make sense to have 2 different buttons leading to the same page

Example for deleting event registration:

Delete event.gif (363×600 px, 217 KB)

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@cmelo Hey there! I am talking with @Daimona and he said you may have done some work on allowing the event status to be open/closed. Is that true? Where would that be in the UI? Thanks in advance!

I am talking with @cmelo and he said that the work he did was around 'edit registration,' and users can close events via 'edit.'

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All subtasks have been resolved and completed, so I'm marking this epic as Done.