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MediaWiki:GrowthMentors.json should have a notice about edits made by non-admins
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As part of T264343: Have a special page for mentors to sign up, the Growth team is working on a sign up form for mentors. We decided to create a structured mentor list, MediaWiki:GrowthMentors.json, to serve as the new canonical location for the list of mentors, similar to what community configuration does. Mentors will be able to change their information, and non-mentors will be able to enroll (so long they meet requirements to sign up).


Pages in NS_MEDIAWIKI can be normally edited only by community-elected administrators. MediaWiki:GrowthMentors.json will be an exemption to this general rule, as enrollments/changes made by non-admins will result in edits to MediaWiki:GrowthMentors.json (mentors will not be able to edit the page normally; they'll have the ability only through the interface Growth team will prepare and maintain; only admins will have the ability to edit the page directly). This can confuse admins, as they might consider the feature a privilege escalation bug.


To avoid the problem, MediaWiki:GrowthMentors.json should have a notice at the top, that would explain the nature of non-admins edits, to avoid any possible confusion. We should also complete T310913: Tag edits made to MediaWiki:GrowthMentors.json via action=growthmanagementorlist, which will add tags to managed edits.

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This page is editable by the users listed below, who signed as mentors. These users can only edit the item that concerns them. Administrator can still fully edit this page directly.

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Structured mentor list seems to work fine without this, keeping as a nice-to-have enhancement.