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Have a special page for mentors to sign up
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At the moment, the page that lists mentors is not really easy to create and maintain. We've been able to have this page made of wikitext, with some advice at the top, only because the page was manually created under supervision. And sometimes, some elements were missing: advice at the top, mentors' descriptions badly formatted, etc.

Scaling to more wikis en masse will make impossible to monitor that page creation. We need a special page integrated to the Growth experience to replace it.

This special page would display the list of all mentors.

  • Limit access. If a user hasn't reached a given threshold, they can't add their name to this page. (By default: 500 edits + 30 days of experience)
  • Only you can edit the page. It is not possible to edit other's descriptions (maybe have a workaround, for very trusted users (bureaucrats & stewards?), so that they can remove any offensive content because a mentor went rogue).
  • Have a description at the top, with a link to best practices:
  • Provide a field for mentors to add their description, matching the 240 characters limits we've set. This would also prevent any kind of wikitext formatting being added.
  • Have a way to distinguish two roles: Teacher and Mentor (see T245639#6509843)

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Oh, got it! Sorry about that!!

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