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Inform mentors about coordination messages left by other mentors
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Some wikis use the mentor's list talk page as a coordination page. We need to take these pages in consideration if we change the list format.

As the current plan is to move to a list on the Mediawiki namespace, we can imagine to keep have the talk page moved to Mediawiki talk:.

It Mentors are less likely to watch a Mediawiki page that is not at reach. Can we imagine a way to show new messages posted at Mediawiki talk: on the Mentor Dashboard?

This Mediawiki talk page could be overridden, if another coordination page exists (as a wikiproject, for instance).

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Good point @Trizek-WMF. I think we should discuss whether coordinating mentors should be a part of the resources module (T279152), or whether we want something completely new. It's fairly easy to add a link to the MW talk page to the resources module, but perhaps it'd be nicer to have a module where community/Growth can post important messages re-mentorship (perhaps connected with notifications?).

@Urbanecm_WMF, let's consider the easiest option: a link to the mw page seems to be the easiest idea. Having mentors knowing about new messages at this page is a whole new challenge.

I will explore the options as we will deploy the signup page.

As the list of mentors is transcludable to any page, we will encourage communities to put the list on a regular wikipage, so that they can use the associated talk page.