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Fix Flaggedrevs database schema drifts in production
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Report says FlaggedRevs currently have whopping ~7000 drifts in 32 categories: (Raw data: P31383)

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There could be some overlays with T251191: FlaggedRevs has lots of database drifts but only in s1 and s5

Should this task get Schema-change-in-production or better to create new sub tasks for better tracking? But I am not sure how small the tasks could be. One issue on a table in one task? All issues per table in one task?

I suggest creating subtickets and grouping them based on type. e.g. I saw a lot of rename index issues, we can probably just group them together. Basically one ticket per patch that caused it.

I still suggest waiting a bit before creating tickets though. Our backlog is quite full for this Q.

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@Ladsgroup - In case it helps, we have finished all of the outstanding check-storage ticket in the clouddb servers. If you have scripts that couldn't complete on those servers, feel free to try again.

Only these two left:

    "_metadata": {
        "time_end": 1680182552.852061,
        "time_start": 1680181902.3546872
    "flaggedrevs fr_user field-unsigned-mismatch": {
        "s2": [
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