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Add $2 parameter to message Mwe-upwiz-source-thirdparty-license
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The message MediaWiki:Mwe-upwiz-source-thirdparty-license ends with the word "license(s)" which should be avoided by adding another parameter:
$2 - number of items in the list following the message.

I tried to amend the source myself but was unable to spot the place where the message is being used in the svn repository.

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Rewrite it in Rust & move to Toolforge jobstoolforge-repos/coverage!1legoktmriirmain
Customize query in GitLab

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I'm not sure we need to have a plural version of this message--can the user select more than one license? It seems to me like the license chooser uses radio buttons, so....

If someone is going to delve into this, Purodha is correct, mwe-upwiz-source-thirdparty-license needs to use the {{PLURAL}} syntax for the number of licenses, and it's probably getting used at around line 382 of resources/mw.UploadWizardDeed.js, near the top of the declaration of mw.UploadWizardDeedChooser. The line looks like "gM( 'mwe-upwiz-source-' +, _this.uploads.length )" right now.

Marking as easy because it would just be adding a parameter.

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Reassigning to wikibugs-l per bug 37789

Line 383 of resources/mw.UploadWizardDeed.js uses 'mwe-upwiz-source-' (eg mwe-upwiz-source-thirdparty) but not 'mwe-upwiz-source-''license' (eg mwe-upwiz-source-thirdparty-license) and i couldn't determine where the message 'mwe-upwiz-source-thirdparty-license' is being used . Is it used or not?

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Is it used or not?

you can do a grep for that.

(In reply to comment #3)

Seems like you are right, and grep won't help either. This message seems to be no longer use. I recommend removing this message from .config and .18n

removed the message from i18n, its not being used in .config