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Resync stale maps postgres replicas
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Three (of five) of our maps server nodes have database contents which haven't been replicated since roughly March 2022: graph. Let's restore these servers by depooling and resyncing with the master, one at a time.

The affected servers are:

  • maps2005.codfw.wmnet
  • maps2006.codfw.wmnet
  • maps2008.codfw.wmnet

A script already exists to do the postgres part of the work:

We think this fix might last for some time, since the other good servers have maintained up-to-date replicas for as long as we have metrics in grafana (since late June 2022).

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@hnowlan synced all replicas, I believe we can mark this as done

Amazing, thank you! I can confirm that the postgres replica sync lag graphs have dropped to 0 for codfw.