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Create Shallow Dive Deck for Patroller Tasks
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Oct 31 2022, 10:01 PM
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Nov 10 2022, 3:55 PM
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Read the epic for details about the project. As we gear up to work on this task the team will need a kick off meeting. The Shallow Dive deck should be a guide for that conversation.

How will we know we were successful
  • All Members of both apps team are able to weigh in on if the project seems viable, and what next steps should be
Must Haves
Potentially out of scope
  • Clear understanding of Technical Limitations (Spike Generation will occur as a result of Shallow Dive)

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LGoto renamed this task from Create Shallow Dive Deck to Create Shallow Dive Deck for Patroller Tasks.Nov 2 2022, 8:40 PM

I shared this with you already @OTichonova just adding to the ticket the board for NPP as one of our reference points of consideration for user workflows of patrolling.

@Dbrant may also share some materials to reference for the comparative review

A few tools for consideration in comparative review:


Web app with a real-time feed of recent edits, with quick actions to rollback, warn, etc.

sw1.png (960×1 px, 135 KB)
sw2.png (960×1 px, 199 KB)
sw3.png (998×502 px, 91 KB)
sw3.png (998×502 px, 91 KB)

Desktop app with tons of powerful features.

huggle1.png (1×1 px, 199 KB)

RedWarn / Ultraviolet

On-wiki gadget for automating user warning/reporting teplates and rollback features.

rw1.png (959×1 px, 145 KB)