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Create Event:Sandbox on Meta-wiki [after release]
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As an organizer tester, I want to create event pages within a sandbox in the Event namespace, so that I don't cause confusion by testing with real event pages on Meta-wiki.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Event:Sandbox main page is created
    • The desired flow for "test" event pages is to create a subpage within Event:Sandbox
    • Consider adding a "how to use this sandbox" to the Event:Sandbox main page
  • Documentation is updated to reflect good practices around using the Event:Sandbox

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Just a couple quick notes on this:

  • This is something that the community should agree to, since it's on a real wiki. There should be a discussion about it on meta before we do anything, maybe on Meta:Babel. I would suggest starting this discussion ASAP.
  • The documentation for this should probably be on meta itself, since it's meta-specific documentation, and not on (which is for generic technical documentation). In fact, I think the instructions for creating test events could be in Event:Sandbox directly, and other pages like Event Center/Registration could link to it.

Pinging @LWyatt and @RAdimer-WMF for feedback: Hello! We are thinking that one way that people can test the new event registration feature on Meta-wiki is that we create a sandbox event page (Event:Sandbox) and people can create test events as subpages of that page. What do you think of this idea? And, if you think it is a good idea, do you think we need to share this in a forum such as Babel in advance? Thanks!

ifried renamed this task from Create Event:Sandbox on Meta-wiki to Create Event:Sandbox on Meta-wiki [after release].Nov 22 2022, 4:17 PM

EDIT: Discussed with Ilana - we can go ahead with this!
No feedback yet - how long should we wait before going ahead?

@ldelench_wmf: We have waited over a week for feedback on Babel; I think we can go ahead.

Lauren to check in with Liam on creating this

ldelench_wmf added subscribers: IBrazal, Wittylama.

The sandbox page has been created - - and any obvious test event pages have been moved to be subpages of the sandbox. If we implement a feature in the future that pulls all event pages from the event namespace, we may need to somehow filter out these test pages (or delete them regularly).
@Wittylama @IBrazal and team, please feel free to edit the sandbox page as you see fit. Feel free to reopen this task if any larger changes are needed.