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Initiate and strengthen connections with the community and other partners
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Possible meetings with the following individuals/groups:
To gather feedback on the overall idea, identity Wikidata or Commons tools to consider for the pilot, build connections, etc.

Our pitch to potential partners: We run a pilot project around developing a set of practices that might help high-impact tools and their (single) maintainers to share work with others and increase the sustainability of a tool. This includes defining and computing initial metrics to help assess how impactful or healthy a tool is (i.e. wiki project the tool acts on, number of edits; usage of outdated libraries, frameworks or program languages); research on what support tool maintainers currently have or need, and working with the maintainer of a specific high-impact tool who’d be interested in partnering with us on identifying and testing out some practices that might be helpful to them (i.e. improved contribution guidelines to draw new contributors, etc.). Link to the wiki page here:

Some questions to brainstorm with potential partners:

  • What criteria might be helpful to consider in identifying high-impact tools related to Commons or Wikidata hosted on Toolforge? Do you already know about such tools?
  • What support mechanisms already exists for a tool and its developers (e.g., for monitoring a tool’s activity and health, bot approval practices)?
  • What are things that tool developers would like to have support on (including, but not limited to, code)?
  • What do you think about the ideas around practices to supporting tool maintainers and high-impact tools at risk? Do you have any more ideas or suggestions to add to this list?
  • Any tool users, developers, or wiki communities with whom we should specifically chat to learn more on this topic?
  • What type of metrics tool developers or users would love to have about tools?
  • What support could users imagine providing a tool they frequently use?

Event Timeline

I've updated my affiliation a bit. I'm not working with OpenRefine anymore as of December 1, 2022 (although I will stay involved with the tool in general). I want to join these conversations with my WMSE / Content Partnerships Hub / Product Strategist hat on, but will of course be happy to liaise with the OpenRefine team.

I would also strongly recommend a conversation with the OpenRefine maintainers. Liaisons can be @Pintoch and also @Ainali who is on the project's board. See also this announcement (which hasn't yet resulted in anyone stepping up):

I'd also recommend you to get in touch with @Eugene233 who is planning a project that is very much aligned with the goals of this pilot. Eugene reached out to me via Telegram and I think it would be great if you are mutually up to date and aware of each other's work (if you weren't already).

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