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FY22/23Q3 (January-March 2023) Toolhub conversations with Commons community
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What is the problem?

The Toolhub team would like to connect with folks on the Commons project to talk about finding ways for the Commons community to use Toolhub. At a high level we are interested in having more tools that are helpful for workflows on Commons listed in Toolhub and for those tools to be more discoverable to folks who are contributing to Commons.

There are many possible paths, but our first idea is to update and its related pages to use templates to describe tools so that a bot can parse the template arguments and produce a toolinfo.json file that can be read by Toolhub. We would hope to work with folks who typically document tools on commonswiki to design the needed templates and then apply them in the appropriate pages. We would like to improve documentation of both on-wiki tools (user scripts, gadgets, templates, lua modules) and off-wiki tools that are helpful in typical Commons workflows.

We would also like to let Commonsists know about Toolhub in general and the various ways it can be used to look for tools and share tools with others.

How can we help you?

We would like support from Community Relations Specialists in a single project during the January-March 2023 quarter.

We need help refining our "ask" of the Commons community and finding the right venues to present it to them. Once we have started the conversation(s), we would also appreciate help keeping track of the discussions so that everyone feels supported and heard in helping us make good decisions.

What does success look like?

  • Toolhub team knows where to go to talk with Commons community about their tools and needs
  • Commons community is generally aware of Toolhub and the problems it helps solve
  • Many more tools in the Toolhub catalog marked as being useful on Commons
  • User scripts and gadgets widely used on Commons are documented by Toolhub
  • Tasks and Subject Domains important to the Commons community are available in the Toolhub taxonomy for categorizing and discovering tools

What is your deadline?

We would like to do the work largely in February and March 2023. We will be ready for project kick off/planning meetings the week of January 23rd. We think that it would be ideal to start the first discussions on Commons in the first week of February.


Due Date
Jun 29 2023, 11:00 PM

Event Timeline

Udehb-WMF changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Jan 23 2023, 6:53 PM

Invitations have been sent to the Commons community to discuss ways for improving Toolhub coverage of Commons tools. The discussion is now open at Commons_talk: Tools. we would appreciate any input from the Commons community on how to best improve Toolhub coverage of Commons tools by improving on-wiki tool documentation. We look forward to engaging with the Commons community and hearing their ideas and feedback.

There were 3 days of banners targeting relevant users during the last weekend. Bryan has now published further information refining his proposal.

@bd808 created a proof of concept demonstrating how a template based system for this could work

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