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Make it so the mobile "Expand all sections" setting mobile controls talk pages' "Read as wiki page" view
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T322628 makes it so talk pages where mobile DiscussionTools are available are not impacted by the state (enabled / disabled) of the Expand all sections that is available within Special:Preferences.

This task involves the work of making it so the state of Expand all sections does impact whether people landing on the talk pages' Read as wiki page view see all of the topics on said talk page view are expanded or collapsed by default.

See also: T325573 and T280417

Event Timeline

The problem is that T325573 will be fixed some time, T280417 will be done “eventually”, while the “Read as wiki page” view has been broken now. Until that “eventually”, there’s plenty of time to restore the former status quo (unless that “eventually” becomes a definite, not-too-far date).

I've filed T325777 for making it so in the time between now and when T325573 and T280417 are resolved, the existing Expand all sections setting will impact the talk page's Read a wiki page view.

Although, in doing so please know I do not know if/when we'll prioritize work on it.

matmarex added a subscriber: matmarex.

After T280417 there is no longer a "Read as wiki page" view, so this task is moot.