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Introduce a setting to decide default collapse/expanded state of mobile talk page sections
Open, Needs TriagePublic


This task involves the work of introducing a new, mobile-specific setting, that would enable people to decide whether mobile talk page topics on wikis where DiscussionTools are available are expanded or collapsed by default.

This would-be setting would work as a compliment to the existing Expand all sections mobile setting which impacts how sections on pages in the main namespace behave.



  • Platform(s): mobile
  • DiscussionTools: available


  1. On wikis where mobile DiscussionTools are available introduce a new setting that:
    • Enables people to elect for discussion topics to be expanded by default
    • Is called Expand all discussions and is described as Always expand discussion topics by default
  2. The setting "1." and "2." describe ought to be disabled by default
  3. In doing "1." and "2." we will also revise the language of the existing Expand all sections setting so that people can clearly differentiate between the new setting and the existing one by:
    • Renaming the `Expand all sections: Expand all article sections
    • Revising the description of the existing Expand all sections to read: Always expand section of all article pages by default.

Open question(s)

  • 1. Confirm: does the Expand all sections setting currently affect sections across namespaces?



The potential need for this functionality emerged in T322628#8464283.