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Revise "Expand all sections" setting language
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T322628 makes it so on wikis where mobile DiscussionTools are enabled, the state of the existing Expand all sections setting does not impact how the discussion sections on mobile talk pages are shown. [i]

In line with the above, the description that appears beneath the Expand all sections setting within the mobile preferences ought to be adjusted to reflect its modified scope/impact.


Current Setting DescriptionDesired Setting Description
Always expand sections of all pages by default:
image.png (800×369 px, 137 KB)
Always expand sections of content pages by default:
IMG_DFF2944F66F7-1.jpeg (2×1 px, 388 KB)

Open Questions:

  • Web Team: can you confirm that the existing Expand all sections setting does in fact impact the default collapsed/expanded state of all sections, on all pages, across all namespaces on the mobile site?


  • Desired behavior is implemented
  • Answers to all Open questions are documented

i. Said another way: after T322628, on wikis where mobile DT are available, discussion sections are always collapsed by default. This behavior might eventually be revised by way of T325573.

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(Tagging Moderator Tools team as I know they're doing some work on the mobile settings page)

“Article pages” is definitely not a good term:

  • It affects all even-numbered namespaces: not only articles (NS 0), but also user pages (2), project pages (4) etc. Question: will it continue to affect discussion pages in even-numbered namespaces after T304750, step 3, is done?
  • It makes no sense in wikis that contain no “articles”. E.g. Wiktionary has “entries”, Wikibooks has “books” etc.

If the answer for the above question is “no”, I’d probably use “content pages”; if “yes”, I don’t have simpler yet sufficiently precise formulation than “pages in content namespaces”.

Change 883152 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński; author: Bartosz Dziewoński):

[mediawiki/extensions/MobileFrontend@master] Revise "Expand all sections" setting language

@matmarex So the answer to my above question is “no”? Your edit to the description implies that, but I’d like to have an explicit answer.

Yes, I think the answer is "no", if I'm reading all of the hidden nested negations correctly. In other words: I expect that, when DiscussionTools usability improvements are enabled on a specific page following T304750, the sections on this page would always be collapsed on mobile.

(My other answer is "it doesn't really matter". We're not completely sure how we want it to behave, we're not sure what the users who use talk pages on mobile would want, decisions we make today may be changed in the future, and there's probably no one in the world who really cares about which pages this preference affects. In my opinion, if we did nothing about this task, T322628, T325573, and T321618, the tool would have been just as good. It was a weird thing to focus on…)

Change 883152 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/MobileFrontend@master] Revise "Expand all sections" setting language

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