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Ensure the sampling rates of the DesktopWebUIActions and EditAttemptStep schemas are synchronized
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This task represents the work involved with making it so the EditAttemptStep and DesktopWebUIActions sample events at the same rates, using the same method.

This is needed in order to complete the analysis planned in T302358

Note: EditAttemptStep is now sampling at 100% so this task will primarily be focused on determining if we need to increase the sampling rate at DesktopWebUIAction for any of the identified partner wikis.

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MNeisler triaged this task as Medium priority.
MNeisler added a project: Product-Analytics.

Assigning this to me to verify which wikis we'll need to increase DesktopWebUIActionsTracking sampling rates. Note: This currently blocked on the resolution of T332946

MNeisler moved this task from Current Quarter to Tracking on the Product-Analytics board.
MNeisler added a subscriber: DLynch.

It looks like no changes are needed to synch sampling rates across these two schemas based on the following:
(1) All EditAttemptStep events are now sampled at 100% (completed in T312016)
(2) All of the wikis proposed for the Usability Improvements AB test (see list in T332946#8752967 ) are already sampled at the increased 20% rate in DesktopWebUIActions, which I believe should be sufficient for this test.

@DLynch - Can you please confirm?

@MNeisler It seems so -- between T309260 and T321734 all those wikis (and 8 more) have wgWMEDesktopWebUIActionsTracking at 0.2.

I'll resolve this, since it seems nothing needs to be done.