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Please turn on Monthly Convert in Czech (csCZ)
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Message is in the subject.

We'd like to include MC on payments when we pre-test Czech banners on April 5, so please let us know when this is done before then, so we can triple check everything.

Thank you!

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Will needs to
1: just needs to add CZ to the list of wgDonationInterfaceMonthlyConvertCountries from config/payments/LocalSettings.php once we set the date ready to test.

2 (DONE)
figure out the pattern for CZK's amount of monthly convert like if donate greater than 500 use 100 for future monthly convert etc., then put the patterns array in the DonationInterfaceMonthlyConvertAmounts of di extension.json.

FYI: something like that, we do not have a current same pattern for different currency

		"SEK": [
					[ 25, 0 ],
					[ 50, 25 ],
					[ 100, 30 ],
					[ 200, 50 ],
					[ 300, 70 ],
					[ 500, 90 ],
					[ 1000, 110 ],
					[ 2500, 250 ],
					[ 5000, 500 ]

So I think we should get the rule from donor relation team: which is been provided at
thanks Thea Sam, and Peter for the rules.

3: make the local tie with prod:
as turn on the cz locally for docker

Change 897982 had a related patch set uploaded (by Wfan; author: Wfan):

[wikimedia/fundraising/dev@master] Add cz to wgDonationInterfaceMonthlyConvertCountries

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Change 897982 merged by Ejegg:

[wikimedia/fundraising/dev@master] Add cz to wgDonationInterfaceMonthlyConvertCountries

Added cz to wgDonationInterfaceMonthlyConvertCountries at production

Thanks @Ejegg !

@TSkaff my fellow MC test warrior - I just completed a one-time donation + MC add on recurring and everything checked out! I put one note in slack about the TY Email not having a CNTCT number, but then checked the handy-dandy Functionality slides and realized that's intended.

Roger that @HNordeenWMF, I ran some tests and all is looking good!

@CDenes_WMF flagging you too, in case you want to run any tests in a "real" environment (or we can forward you the TY emails as an option too).

Thank you Ann, Elliott, tech, go team!

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