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Remove old block error messages from GlobalBlocking extension
Open, Needs TriagePublic



There are two sets of block error messages in GlobalBlocking:

  • globalblocking-ipblocked
  • globalblocking-ipblocked-range
  • globalblocking-ipblocked-xff

...and the newer messages (introduced in T317308, with a different parameter order that works with the BlockErrorFormatter):

  • globalblocking-blockedtext-ip
  • globalblocking-blockedtext-range
  • globalblocking-blockedtext-xff

Both sets of messages are also overridden in WikimediaMessages.

The older messages should be removed from GlobalBlocking, along with their overrides in WikimediaMessages.

If possible, we should also remove the hooks that GlobalBlocking provides for overriding the older messages: GlobalBlockingBlockedIpMsgHook, GlobalBlockingBlockedIpRangeMsgHook and GlobalBlockingBlockedIpXffMsgHook. (We should check that no-one else uses these hooks first.)

Acceptance criteria
  • globalblocking-ipblocked, globalblocking-ipblocked-range and globalblocking-ipblocked-xff (and any messages that they exclusively use) are removed from GlobalBlocking
  • Their overrides are removed from WikimediaMessages
  • Either the hooks are removed from GlobalBlocking, or a task is filed for their removal.

For context, see GlobalBlocking::getUserBlockDetails