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Enable Section Translation in Spanish Wikipedia
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Wikis, where Content Translation is still not out of beta but is frequently used, may benefit from having the mobile experience available, even if Content Translation remains as a beta feature for a while (T298029). This will also allow future integration with projects from the Growth team where some of these wikis are selected as target wikis.

As part of this process, we'll generate the template parameter alignments (T221211) for these languages, enable access to the tool in test wiki for editors to try, communicate with the different communities and only proceed with the enablement if there is no major concern.

These are the languages selected for this task:

  • Spanish (es)


  • Generate template parameter alignments (T221211)
    • en->es (Old mapping: 465, New mapping: 602)
  • Enable selected wikis on Test Wikipedia
  • Communicate with the communities (in progress...)
    • Spanish (es)
      • The community objected to having the tool in their Wiki for now (see details in the link above) . The CRS will revisit the conversation with the community after the language team has addressed their concerns.
  • Enable in the selected Wikipedias


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UOzurumba changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Apr 28 2023, 6:54 PM