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The title attribute of interwiki links is missing in Monobook/Vector/Modern skins
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Author: v111p

The interwiki links in the languages sidebar used to have title attributes (containing the name of the article in the other wiki), but now they are missing in Monobook, Vector and other skins.

The title attributes are still there in the Cologne Blue skin.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: minor



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Keep the title attributes

Confirmed, the new portlet linkbuilder was destroying 'title' attributes on links. This was not that visible, since most titles (and accesskeys) are actually generated on the fly based on element id.

Whitelisting the title attribute in makeListItem() and makeLink() of includes/SkinTemplate.php does the trick


Created attachment 9202
Another patch that changes the approach for title forwarding

I actually think that whitelisting link attributes here is a bad idea. The reason is that some of the attributes need to be passed to one element, and some other elements to the wrapper element.

I think that an approach of explicit overriding an explicit removing of attributes (blacklist) is a better approach in that case. General idea in the patch, though probably should get a little more TLC.


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