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Make error messages for Math use wikitext
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The error messages for <math> are currently treated only as plain text. This means we can't add wikilinks or tracking categories to them. It would be nice if the Mediawiki messages for Math were processed as true wikitext, like we do for Cite errors, for example.

This makes it harder to find and correct errors.

In the context of Bug 31442, which has resulted in a very large number of math rendering errors, it would be much easier to know the extent of the problem (and deploy work arounds, if necessary) if we could track which pages were suffering from the bug.

Even if 31442 gets fixed soon, it would still be nice to have an easy way of finding malformed math output in the future.

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physik wrote:

I would say that's after Math 2.0. Maybe target 2.1

Additionally the error messages math_notexvc and math_notexvccheck currently use HTML, which is shown as plain text, i.e. the <code> tags are visible, instead of rendering their content as code.

The main complaint is solved by T134872. Close.

@Golopotw, could you explain, please, what do you mean in "resolved"? Can I add a tracking category to the error message?

You cannot manually add tracking category but Mathoid will do it for you now.
You can try to insert invalid math in you user sandbox and see it appear here:

I see. Well, I know this category, I was the one that wrote about it in tech news. I misunderstood you that there is a way for the users to add wikitext to errors. Thank you.